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Daniel S. Bezares is a Swedish cinematographer and filmmaker based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

As a young boy Daniel inherited his grandfather’s old Olympus camera and he discovered his passion for creating images and filmmaking. He read the little booklet of instructions where he learned the basics of taking pictures. From there the way of film was set.

He made his first music video when he was 16-years old and has been working with film and visual communication ever since.

Daniel has a sharp eye for high end aesthetics and concepts, movements, dynamic and colors. For Daniel a strong story is paramount and the narrative is always a priority when shooting a film.

To keep his inspiration fresh, Daniel also explores the pure narrative area in the shape of TV-Series, short films and feature films working closely together with his wife and co-filmmaker.

When not shooting films Daniel relaxes with family and friends, runs and trains, meditates and reads a lot of books. Daniel is part of the 5 am club.

Daniel is the founder and co-owner of film production company Camera X.

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Daniel is available for global projects.